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Side Sewer Scopes

Our side sewer inspection, also known as sewer scope, provides a video inspection of one line. This line is the sewer line that runs from the property to the main sewer line owned by the municipality. This inspection is intended to help determine the condition of the pipe interior, by looking for root intrusion, cracks, holes, and other obvious conditions. It is a limited video inspection, and does not include engineering or repair consultation or repair work.

The inspection typically takes about one hour; however, this depends on the location of the cleanout, and the condition of the line. It's important to determine where the accessible cleanout is located prior to the inspection. Usually it is located in a basement or garage. Sometimes you will find it located outside of the dwelling, near the bathroom wall. Some cleanouts are located inside of the bathroom, behind or near the toilet.

If no accessible cleanout is available, it is sometimes necessary to pull the toilet to access the sewer line. Pulling the toilet requires removing the toilet and re-installing afterwards. We will not do this if the toilet looks old or cracked or otherwise unstable. However, in any case, you should be aware that mishaps could occur. We are experienced and familiar with the procedure and will do our utmost to prevent any damage or mishap during the inspection.

At the end of the inspection, you will receive a one-page, hand-written report of our findings and a video of the scope. 

We charge less for the side sewer inspection if it is scheduled in conjunction with a home inspection. However, even stand-alone side sewer inspections are very reasonably priced.


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